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For Employers
For Employees


By adopting an HSA-based healthcare strategy, employers save on premium while motivating their employees to become empowered healthcare consumers.

HSA Coverage is More Affordable & Sustainable

Expanded Benefit Offerings

Reduced Administrative Responsibility

Employer Contributions Are Tax Deductible

How to Transition
How Employers Save

How Employers Win

  • HSA Based Coverage is More Affordable
  • Employer HSA Contributions are Tax Deductible
  • Reduced Benefit Administration
  • Increases Participation in Group Sponsored Wellness Programs
  • Promotes Sensitivity to Cost Before Receiving Care
  • Provides Employees A Vehicle For Long-Term Medical Savings

How Employees Win

  • Lower Monthly Premiums
  • Pay for Eligible Medical Expenses Tax-Free
  • Provides Options To Save For Future Medical Expenses
  • Personal Ownership  – You Decide How to Spend Your Money

  • Greater Flexibility – You Decide When to Spend Your Money

  • No “Use it or Lose it” Policy – HSA Funds Roll Over Year After Year


By embracing an HSA-based health plan, employees experience premium savings while retaining valuable medical coverage. Moreover, employees enrolled in an HSA-based health plan experience greater choice, financial flexibility, and personal tax savings as a result.

Lower Monthly Premiums

Access to a Tax Advantaged HSA

Ownership And Portability

No Use It Or Lose It Policy

The HSA Basics
How Employees Save

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