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About Us

HSA Health Insurance is a local, Utah-based health insurance company specializing in the value of HSA-based health plans. Our goal is simple: help members get more out of their health plan. To ensure this, we remain committed to lowering costs, offering better benefits, and empowering members to earn, save, and spend their health care dollars confidently! With our personal assistance, unique member incentives, and focus on consumer-driven engagement, we’re confident we can help you experience health insurance as intended, a benefit to you.

The HSA Health Plan Difference


On average, employer groups save 11.92% on premiums when compared to a non-HSA-based plan.


On average, members enrolled in an HSA-based plan are 11% more likely to seek the cost of care before receiving it.


Our Personal Health Assistants are available 24/7 to provide supportive guidance and member clarity.


HSA Health Insurance offers members a variety of incentives that help them earn, save, and grow their health savings.