This insurance company is different.

We only offer health insurance plans that are HSA* qualified. Our focus is to help you maximize the value of your healthcare dollars so you can grow your HSA.

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*Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) allow you to accumulate pretax dollars to pay for medical expenses.

Helping you grow your health savings account

Lower Premiums

Move your deductible from a $500 regular deductible to a $1,500 deductible with an HSA. Your monthly premiums are lower.

Pricing Transparency

We feel you should know the real cost of a procedure or an office visit and be able to compare prices.

We will help you compare costs before you get care so you get the right care at the right price.

Free Money! (Almost)

Walk 8,000 steps a day, 20 days out of a month and we will deposit $20 in your HSA.

For certain pre-selected procedures, you can use one of our high-value providers and a portion of the savings will be deposited in your HSA.


Unlike most insurance companies, we actually want you to talk to us.

We provide a personal health assistant who can help you get the right care at the right price. Your assistant has the tools that help you make the best decisions about your healthcare.


We offer access to a broad network of providers

Over 7,000 providers.

38 Hospitals.

IASIS (Jordan Valley, Salt Lake Regional, Davis)
MountainStar (Ogden Regional, St. Marks, Timpanogos)
University of Utah

We are committed to helping people get better insurance with lower premiums

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